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Site use

The site use by any person is done at its own risk.

The site design and content published on the site on behalf of driveinro.com (text, software, photos, graphics, illustrations, design elements, videos, logos and trademarks) belong exclusively to the site and/or are held under license by the site, while being protected by the valid laws concerning intellectual property.

By accessing this site you agree not to copy, modify, transmit, distribute, publish, spread, sell or do not ride in any way material found on the site only with the application of citing the source and link to the page on driveinro.com By accessing this site you implicitly agree not to copy, modify, transmit, distribute, publish, spread, sell or circulate in any way the material found on the site, unless citing the source and applying the link to the page on driveinro.com.

You can copy and print the site content only for your personal use, without commercial intent. You cannot use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the material without having a written permission from driveinro.com.

On-line questionnaires:

The tests you can find by accessing the questionnaires section are in full accordance with the valid Romanian traffic laws, so that by practicing them you will benefit from a proper training. However, only solving correctly the questionnaires does not guarantee you success in the specialty exams, for which we recommend accessing one of the specialty service categories we made available to you on our online platform.

Services access:

The accessing of any of the services made available to you by driveinro.com is done by opening the relevant heading and following the specific steps set out in that section.

Our contributors: driving schools, specialized training staff, medical staff etc. have all and any permits and authorizations required under the valid Romanian legislation and are specialists in their fields. driveinro.com made sure it can provide, through its contributors, access to services of the highest quality standards and a fair price.

However, driveinro.com is in no case the provider of the services accessed by you, the provider of these services being listed explicitly in each section accessed by you. Thus, the responsibility for the effective provision of the services accessed by you, and for any event of any nature arising in connection with the provision of the services accessed through driveinro.com, belongs exclusively to our contractual partner (our contributors).

Results expected / intended by the client

Driveinro.com does not guarantee and does not assume any commitment, to any of its customers, in obtaining any result. Driveinro.com only ensures access to specialized services on technical standards and professional training verified in accordance with the valid Romanian law, but achieving the intended results will be is exclusively the responsibility of the driveinro.com users, customers, and visitors.

Communication platform provided by the site

The site can provide communication platforms between you and the other users (system of comments to articles, system for sending links via email or Yahoo Messenger etc.) driveinro.com cannot and does not intend to filter the messages posted or sent by its users via these communication platforms and, as such, you are fully responsible for any infringement brought against any person by the content of the texts you use in those communications.

In the published comments you can not publish, transmit or reference the following:

- Unsolicited commercial messages.

- Recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service.

- Confidential information, whether or not they are provided with the word "confidential" or any other statement of this kind, or messages that are intended to affect the price, the image or the market value of a product or service.

- Unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent texts that violate any copyright or other rights a third party may have.

- Viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that may interrupt, eliminate or limit the functionality of the site or any other IT systems (hardware or software).

- Messages whose source is hidden.

- "Pyramid schemes" or any other activity designed to deceive the trust of others, and any activities similar to some actions that were proved in the past to have a criminal potential.

Data content / copyright

driveinro.com has the exclusive right to its own content, belonging to its publishers. Its download can be done only by complying with the conditions set out in the section "Site use" above.

Any statements or opinions expressed on this site reflect the views of the author, not of driveinro.com

Confidentiality of personal data

DRIVEINRO undertake to strictly respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to not give their personal data to third parties. By completing and submitting the contact or registration form on this site, you agree that your personal information enter the database of DRIVEINRO, which reserves the right to process, publish, use for advertising and marketing actions all the information above, without any further obligation to pay your person.

DRIVEINRO does not encourage spam, does not sell, does not offer nor exchange e-mails obtained through this site.

For any further details please contact us.